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Meet The Family

Each member of our little family has a block and drop named after them, infusing their character and style into our small batch wines.

Taylor’s love for whites is reflected in the Fiano - the only white in the collection. Summer has the S Block and hers is the Rose, because it’s what you’ll relish in the heat of the Adelaide summer. GSM is Justin’s favourite wine and he’s proud to now share his very own with you. The E Block Grenache is named after our middle child Evie – because just like her, it’s light, bright and energetic. Noah is our only son and is the baby of the family, so the N Block Shiraz had to be for him. Because this drop is our baby too, the one we’ve tended to by hand and nurtured from vine to bottle.

“We’ve had so many people ask us what other varieties we’ll add to the collection, because the opportunities are endless with the quality and variety of fruit we have access to locally. But – we don’t have any more people! We’ve been so intentional picking these varietals as we don’t want to keep having to change. For now, we’re so content with our line-up and you’ll see this solid 5 vintage after vintage. Then who knows? Perhaps we’ll add a special release down the track in honour of a grandparent or other amazing humans who’ve touched our lives. You’ll have to wait and see.” Taylor.

Until then, we invite you to join our family and savour the journey with us.

Cheers to family, to flavour, and to the adventures that lie ahead.

Justin + Taylor x

Our Story

Working hard in disability support and high up on roofs, and juggling these careers with their love for flipping houses and travelling in their vintage caravan took Justin and Taylor Noble all over the country with their little family.

As their family continued to grow, so did their big plans for their family’s future.

Their long-held dream to own a vineyard was halted thanks to crazy prices and intense competition. Luckily, this determined duo never gave up and they threw themselves into work opportunities and adventures.

Fast forward to 2022, and with the sale of the home they’d loved and renovated in Queensland, their dream was reignited with the purchase of their very own vineyard.

And in an unexpected twist and a sign they’d landed right back where they’re meant to be, this plot of land when viewed from above looks just like the shape of their beloved South Australia!

“We never gave up on our dream of returning to our home state and giving our kids the opportunity to grow up amongst the vines. I really wanted my kids to have the land beneath their tiny feet and grow up different to city kids.” - Justin

Being raised on a beef and sheep farm in Middleton on the Fleurieu, gave Justin an enduring love for the land. He always wanted a farm, and while Taylor wasn’t keen for a farm with animals - a vineyard was something Justin and Taylor could both agree upon!

And the kids adore their new life too. On a weekend, you’ll find Noah riding up and down on his bike amongst the vines. Or all of the kids will jump on the back of the Gator to help check the vines, the drippers or whatever job needs doing that day.

They’ve also seen their work go full circle, helping Justin create their very own tiny batch of hand-crafted Shiraz made from their own grapes!

“For us it really is about work life balance – we like to get that right. As a family, we all love to go travelling, but Taylor and I also show them the benefit of working hard. For the best part of a decade, we never really settled. We were travelling for work, and then travelling while Taylor was pregnant with Noah was incredible in the caravan. Now we’ve found home and can’t wait to see where this winemaking journey takes us.” - Justin

While they still love to hit the road, the Nobles are soaking up living amongst the gum trees and vines on their idyllic property in White’s Valley, nestled on the outskirts of Willunga and McLaren Vale.

“Living here is an adventure in itself – on the weekend we pulled out the swags and camped in the vineyards under the stars. The kids love it!” - Taylor

Taste What You Grow

When they first settled into life as a grapegrowing family, Justin and Taylor quickly realised they weren’t content with just on selling the grapes as previous owners had.

“When we took over, it was the first actual time that the grapes on this property had stayed in the same hands to go from vine to bottle. We’re so proud to be releasing our own Estate Grown Shiraz, particularly because we’ve nurtured and tended to it with our own hands. It took us 3 months to hand prune our vines, giving us a taste of the traditional way family vineyards were managed! And it’s given us so much appreciation for every single step that goes into the wine you’re drinking and enjoying today.” - Justin.

For the Noble family – this is just the beginning.

They’ll continue to embrace a life filled with adventure and ambition, as they nurture their burgeoning wine label and enjoy challenging the status quo in District 2, as part of the new wave of McLaren Vale wineries.