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Meet Fabiano Minchella

For Fabiano Minchella, his passion for wine and artisanal craftmanship began when he was just a small child.

Growing up closely with his Nonno and Papa around vines and olives in Mclaren Vale where they continued the art from their hometown in Italy, Fabiano quickly soaked up the rich traditions of grapegrowing and winemakings passed down through generations.

As well as handcrafting wine, some of his fondest memories are of making pasta with his Nonna, creating their own supply of olive oil and tomato sauce as a family, and curing their own prosciutto, salami and other meats.

Fabiano adored using their old basket press, and his love for winemaking then took him right around the world, with so much knowledge, experience and variety in techniques gained from over twenty vintages in France, Italy, Canada and Australia.

He now loves to call McLaren Vale home with his own little family, and feels blessed to handcraft wine for NSE Wines to create their own family legacy. Because he knows just how special it is for little feet to walk amongst the vines, and the pride they’ll have from witnessing their family’s hard work go from grape to bottle.